At Marksman Homes we believe in sustainable and environmentally responsible homes that incorporate good design principles and energy efficient eco-products that improve quality for the home owner and the environment.

Marksman Homes is a HIA GreenSmart Regional Partner and promotes practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions for residential design and construction. By utilising these principles, the benefits include;

  • A reduction in water and energy consumption
  • More efficient homes with lower energy and running costs
  • Increased level of personal comfort within the home
  • A healthier living environment with cleaner indoor quality
  • A reduction in greenhouse emissions
  • Working with the natural contours and features of your land
  • Reducing waste and utilising more efficient use of materials
  • Improved site management during the construction process

The benefits of a Marksman Home design include reduced water and energy costs, a warmer house in winter, a cooler house in summer and a healthier living environment for the home owner.

Marksman Homes is committed to sustainable housing and environmentally responsible building.