Marksman Homes - Dual Occupancy/Duplex

  • Create additional income
  • Invest into your capital future
  • Support a family member
  • Have more leisure time with less yard maintenance
  • Free consultation to discuss your requirements

The advantages of dual occupancy can be both financially rewarding as well maximising the use of your available land. There are many other reasons you may decide to build another dwelling on your land as well. Marksman Homes are the dual occupancy and duplex experts.

  • Yes, we will confirm if your site is suitable for development
  • Yes, we will confirm the number and types of units suitable for your site
  • Yes, we will take care of all your planning issues
  • Yes, we will take care of all your approval processing
  • Yes we can arrange for subdivision or strata titles.
  • Yes we will deliver an investment that you will be proud to own
  • Fixed price building contract
  • 25 year structural guarantee on all our Lifestyle Homes.
  • Free appointment with our colour consultant.